Shis is Fucked Up and Bullshit


Here’s the real problem with the American government right now.

Absolutely nothing gets done that isn’t desired by a person or corporation with money.

It isnt some conspiracy or plot to turn the country communist or socialist. Its simply the result of having political leaders that are either lazy, stupid, beholden to corporations/industries or cowards; usually all of the above.

There are two main contributing factors to this situation, from which all the ills of the modern political system stem.

1)The insane costs of getting elected. The only people elected to meaningful public offices are wealthy or have access to great wealth in the form of donations. In most cases it takes a little more than money to get elected, you also need wealthy allies. This dependence on money allows the lobbying culture to flourish, where the needs of the highest bidder are addressed while the needs of the people, who don’t have money to represent their needs, goes by the wayside. The government works when there’s money involved, but when campaign promises, when the well-being of its citizenry are concerned, that government degenerates into a bureaucratic, hyper-partisan cluster-fuck.

2) The second problem is an inept, lazy and compromised news media that has turned its back on its responsibilities as the Fourth Estate. What was once a source of real news and information has been replaced with an all encompassing thirst for profits for media companies’ corporate owners. And make no mistake, those profits many times don’t come from the media business itself, rather profits of the company are shielded by a compromised media. That results in a superficial media that focuses on gossip and sensationalism rather than substance, as well as a media that is beholden to its corporate owners and advertisers.

Shit is fucked up and bullshit.